beloved of Jesus, wife to Joe, teacher of our children, infertility coach, mentor, entrepreneur, at home in my kitchen, chasing the salt life – not what I do but who I am.

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So, Katie and I were talking one day about sharing a love for alternate universe films. It occurred to me that my life IS one – Before and After Christ. I realized that I didn’t have a website that was just mine, my world.  All of my websites are about health products and fertility but not about me.  Shouldn’t I exist in cyberspace?  SO, here I am.

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The Bible Project

what is the bible – REALLY? take a fresh look.

Family Life

the reason I get up every morning

Business Life

fertility coaching; my business and ministry.

It's the salt life for me.

snorkeling, cruising, the beach. all of the above

What I Cook, What I Eat

around the world, around my kitchen – it’s all good.

The Fun of Food

love to cook, love to share what i cook

Home Schooling

home school life; it might surprise you.

Virtual Assistants for Ecommerce Case Study with Brenda Albano

Jesus / Bible Project

Family Life

Salt Life / Travel





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